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Karnataka SSLC Grading System 2024

The Karnataka School Examination and Assessment Board has adopted a six-point scale grading system, as outlined below. The system assigns A+ as the highest grade and C as the lowest. Details of other grades along with their respective marks and percentages are provided below.

Marks RangePercentage RangeGrade

What is the formula to calculate SSLC percentage?

The formula to calculate SSLC percentage is (Obtained marks / Maximum Marks) * 100.

How to use SSLC percentage calculator

Step 1 : Check the maximum marks pre-filled automatically and click on the edit option if you want to edit the maximum marks.

Step 2 : Enter the marks you have obtained in your examination and click the calculate button.


  1. How is SSLC percentage calculated?

    To calculate your SSLC percentage, divide your obtained marks by the maximum marks (i.e., 625), and then multiply by 100.
    For example : If your obtained marks are 550 out of 625, then your percentage will be calculated as (550/625)*100 = 88.00%.

  2. How much percentage is full A+ in SSLC?

    To obtain an A+ grade in SSLC, your percentage must fall between 90% and 100%.

  3. What is the percentage to get distinction in SSLC?

    To achieve a distinction in SSLC, you must attain a minimum percentage of 85% in your examination results.

  4. How many marks should i score to get distinction in SSLC?

    To achieve a distinction in the SSLC examination conducted by the KSEAB board, you must score a minimum of 532 marks out of 625.

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